Taiji Qigong Shibashi set 2

Once you are comfortable with practicing set 1 and you feel the circulation of Qi in your body, you can start to learn set 2.

This second form of 18 movements will teach you how to connect with the earth energy and let it fill up your body. This form is a bit more challenging physically than the first set of 18 movements. It will allow you to feel the energy of the earth rise in your body through more intense flexion of the legs and more weight transfer during movements. This Earth energy will be pumped by the legs, directed through your body via the waist and expressed through the arms movement, circulating it effectively through every articulation and meridians.

Using the skills you developed with the first set, you will go deeper in your understanding of your own body and how it relates to the Earth and the environment. This will also help deepens your understanding of the first set allowing you to integrate this new layer of perception into it.