Taiji Qigong Shibashi set 1

During set 1, you will learn to circulate the Qi through your body. You will discover the major movements of Qi: rising and sinking, entering and exiting, expanding and condensing. This first set was design to give you the tools to improve your health and wellbeing and begin your transformational path.

Each movement will assist the healing process of blood pressure, digestion, breathing, physical pain, mobility, stress, mood, and emotions, etc…

The gentle movement and their repetition provide a detailed learning frame for you to discover, develop, and integrate such concept as:

  • Whole body movement.

  • Abdominal, thoracic and full body breathing.

  • The lower, middle and upper DanTian.

  • Integrating the 3 adjustments (Posture, Breathing, Meditation) into one.

  • Entering the state of Tranquility (Rujing).

Throughout the form, each movement supports one another and built upon the previous ones. This way, you can reinforce your weakness during the whole session and not just during a single movement.