Advanced Programs

After completion of the 300h Qigong Teacher Training program, students who wish to go further in their development can choose to study set 4 (the therapeutic use of Shibashi) or set 8 (the Elite/Quintessential form)


Therapeutic use of Shibashi

Set 4 was design using the movements of set 1 set 2 and set 3 and recombining them to be used as a therapeutic exercise for a specific disease. They were tested at the Shanghai Qigong Research Institute for 2 decades. A total of 18 series were created. Each series of 3 movements target specific health problems like hypertension, diabetes, Lungs disease, Liver disease, digestive issue, lower back pain etc… It also uses specific meditations and breathing exercises to support the patient further. This is a great tool for the acupuncturist and other therapists who wish to teach Shibashi exercises to support their patient between treatments or Qigong teacher who give classes in a hospital setting and retirement home for a group of people with a specific health condition.


Jing Hua Ban (精华版) The Quintessential form of Shibashi

Set 8, also known as the "Elite form", is the synthesis of 30 years of Shibashi research and development by Professor Lin Housheng. He selected the 36 most powerful movements from the 108 he created (6x18) and combined them in dynamic pairs to create this set. Each of the 18 pairs creates a dynamic, often opposite, movement of the Qi between the 2 movements. This result in a significant acceleration of the Qi through the whole body. The combinations also touch the 5 qualities of Qi (Wu Xing) which is also rarely seen in today's monochromatic forms. The dynamics of this form make it more suitable for younger students who are energetic, the martial artist who want to develop the intensity of Qi in their movements and those who wish to reach a higher level of practice and development. Understanding set 1 set 2 and set 3 is a prerequisite to explore set 8. A person can learn the choreography, but the form will remain empty without the foundation laid by the first 3 set.

If you are interested in learning more about these advanced forms, contact me and we will discuss what options you might have.